Public Lands – Keep Them Public


Some Wyoming Legislators are pushing for state ownership of our public lands. While this sounds ok, it’s not a good thing if you hunt and fish on these lands. As a sportsmen I think this effort is a waste of time and money, and will negatively affect our sporting heritage throughout the state. Wyoming doesn’t have the resources or staff to adequately manage public lands and cover the costs of fighting fires, maintaining roads and facilities, protecting and restoring game habitat and many other responsibilities now managed by the U.S. Forest Service and BLM. The likely result would be a sell off of some the lands we hunt and fish, and lack of access to other public lands. Over the years Wyoming has sold off over 700,000 acres of it’s own state land – which means lost access and opportunities to hunters, anglers, and their children. We don’t want to see this happen.

Federal public lands are a driving force in Wyoming’s second largest economic sector, tourism. Many of us live in WY for the opportunities to work, hunt, fish, and recreate on public land. Let’s keep it that way.

Please take a few minutes to tell Wyoming lawmakers you oppose this bill. Instead, we should use state resources to work collaboratively and find management solutions that benefit Wyoming while still protecting the places we hunt and fish.

The bill can read at:

Please email your legislators.


Cole Sherard
Vice-Chair, Wyoming Trout Unlimited

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A New Year and a New Trout Tale!

Winter 2015 Header

Happy New Year from Wyoming Trout Unlimited!

To bring in the new year we’re happy to give you our new Winter issue of the Trout Tale. We think WYTU operates in a special space at Trout Unlimited due to the amazing amount of fisheries conservation work that we’ve accomplished in our heightened efforts of the last half-decade. Thanks to the incredible support of our members and Chapters we’ve been recognized in the past few years with various awards such as the Council of the Year at TU, as having the best statewide newsletter at TU, and as the partner of the year from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust. We’re looking forward to 2015 being just as successful!

As always, thanks to our fearless and talented Trout Tale editor Mike Jensen for again putting together such a fantastic publication.

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Postive TU Work in Saratoga

Rawlins Daily - Trout Unlimited 10-11-14

TU’s talented project managers such as Jeff Streeter work diligently to make a positive impact for Wyoming’s coldwater fisheries in their areas. Thanks to the Rawlins Daily Times for the great write up of Jeff’s work on the No. Platte near Saratoga. We also have the article in PDF format if you’d like to download it.

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The Trout Tale – Fall 2014

Fall Trout Tale Cover

Get the new issue of the award winning Trout Tale newsletter here! With articles about Little Mountain, the Women of the Fly event held on the Green at the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, news from our 11 chapters, and a showcase of one of our amazing TU Endorsed businesses working hard to give back to fisheries you won’t want to miss it. This issue also highlights a number of recognitions we’ve received recently and we believe that recognitions such as these are a tribute the the remarkable efforts of all our members, volunteers, and staff in Wyoming. Thanks to all of you. Read more about it!

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Drink Upslope, Help Wyoming Trout!

USLPB-0413 WYTU Poster v02

Drink beer and help trout? Indeed you can!

Wyoming Trout Unlimited is proud to announce that Upslope Brewing Company of Boulder, CO has pledged to give 1% of revenue from Wyoming sales of their Craft Lager to support coldwater fisheries conservation in Wyoming. We’re impressed by Upslope’s commitment to clean, healthy, fishable water and proud to have them as a business supporter. If you’re reaching for a beer this summer think of Wyoming Trout Unlimited and have an Upslope Craft Lager. Not only will you help our fish, you’ll also enjoy a great beer!

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Wyoming Water Stategy Development


Wyoming Trout Unlimited would like to call your attention to four online surveys, opened by the Governor’s office, asking for input to develop a water use strategy in Wyoming. Through a series of public hearings last year, the Governor received a number of ideas and proposals from around the state to determine what Wyoming’s citizens would like to see regarding water use and management. A wide array of interest from different stakeholders created a large list of potential priorities for Wyoming’s water, including: dam construction, trans-basin diversions, changes to water law, and irrigation infrastructure upgrades that could negatively or positively affect Wyoming’s fisheries.

We’d like to encourage you to comment by completing the surveys.

All four surveys and the accompanying press release from the Governor’s office can be found here. Now is your chance to be heard in the process of developing a water strategy for Wyoming.

If you have any questions please contact Cory Toye at

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The Trout Tale – Summer 2014 Issue

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.39.39 PM

The Trout Tale Summer 2014 issue is live with more fisheries conservation news than ever before from the Cowboy State. All of which is possible because of the incredible work that our 1700 volunteers do, often in partnership with TU staff. In that spirit Wyoming Trout Unlimited would like to take a moment to thank our Newsletter Editor Mike Jensen, of Cheyenne, WY for ensuring that we serve up the Trout Tale quarterly with good information, style, and excellent design! Read about all things Wyoming Trout Unlimited here!

To download a PDF of the Trout Tale, simply click on the image above, hit the download symbol in the upper toolbar that appears as it becomes full screen (the arrow in the box), and select download from the drop down menu.

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Join Us – May 10th!


We’re excited to announce our upcoming May 10th Tie One On With TU fundraiser in Jackson! With a great evening planning full with fun including a live auction, silent auctions, band, and a reception style dinner. For more information, and to purchase tickets hit this button:
learn more

We hope we’ll see you there!

2014 WYTU B&W Banquet Ticket.crtr


You can also buy a ticket to our outstanding Tie One On Super Raffle! Wyoming Trout Unlimited and Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited are pleased to offer you four amazing international destination trips and will pick four winners from 200 raffle tickets sold. Now is your chance to win a lodge and guided fishing trip to Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, or a wingshooting and lodge experience in Argentina. Head over here to buy a raffle ticket now!

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Spring 2014 Trout Tale

Another great issue of the Trout Tale brought you you by Wyoming TU. This issue has news from sources as diverse as the Salt River, the Wyoming Legislature, and the USA Fly Fishing Team. Check it out!

Also, if you’d rather have a PDF version of the newsletter we’re happy to say that you can get it here.

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Wyoming 62nd State Legislature and WYTU

Sportsmen's groups, including Wyoming Trout Unlimited, met with Gov. Mead just prior to the legislative session to discuss priorities.

Sportsmen’s groups, including Wyoming Trout Unlimited, met with Gov. Mead just prior to the legislative session to discuss priorities.

As we’re writing this dust is just starting to settle on Wyoming’s 2014 Legislative Session. We’re happy to report that with your help and our support two bills important to Wyoming Trout Unlimited passed the Wyoming Legislature and have been signed into law by the Governor. Support from conservationists like you was critical to the passage of both bills.

The first measure, SF 45, authorized the Game and Fish to request money in future budgets from the state’s General Fund for two programs, health care and grizzly bear management. This change is important as the burden of those costs will no longer fall on sportsmen, but can be shared by all of those who benefit from Wyoming’s wildlife. In essence, the bill represented an important opportunity to change the way the Wyoming Game and Fish funds it’s employee health benefits and puts the agency on par with how most other state agencies pay for their health care. In addition, it moves the legislatively mandated grizzly bear management costs to the general fund. That this legislation passed this year was particularly important as the legislature previously declined two license fee increases requested by the Game and Fish Department, resulting in subsequent cuts to key programs including many that have to do directly with fish. Wyoming Trout Unlimited collaborated with a number of other groups who supported this bill’s passage and we’re proud to say that WYTU members were particularly active supporting this bill in interim committees and during the legislative session.

Wyoming TU was also particularly interested in the passage of SF 82, the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust (WWNRT) Large Projects bill. The WWNRT, created in 2005, is one of the best tools Wyoming has to accomplish good conservation work. SF 82 authorized the Trust to fund it’s current slate of board-approved and vetted projects, which including the Yellowstone Lake project studying mitigation of the largest threat to Yellowstone cutthroat in the lake – that of lake trout. This important project will allow for the completion of lake trout movement and spawning data collection and analysis, and will investigate ways to further prevent lake trout spawning recruitment. We’re very pleased at this positive measure for Wyoming’s iconic native fish and believe that this effort is critical to the future of the Yellowstone cutthroat in it’s home waters of Wyoming.

Again, thanks for all of your individual support and effort during the legislative session. We couldn’t have had these successes that will benefit Wyoming’s fisheries without your help.

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