Hunt For a Good Cause!

The LBHTU Chapter in Sheridan was just awarded a WY Game and Fish Commissioner’s License to benefit coldwater fisheries conservation in the Sheridan area! Joel Wilson, the LBHTU President, dropped us the following note about this exciting licence:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the Little Bighorn Chapter of TU has been awarded a 2011 Commissioner License and to ask that you help get the word out. These licenses are provided to charitable conservation groups such as ours for fund raising. I am told that the best place to sell them is on e-bay and that they typically bring in about $8,500.
The license, which is now on e-bay , is valid for a specific region or hunt area to be chosen by the successful bidder. Winners can choose to hunt anywhere in the state with the exceptions of elk areas 75, 77 and 79 which are located within Grand Teton National Park and require a special park permit issued by the US Park Service. They must also stay within the season dates for the species they select. Anyone who acquires one of these licenses is also exempt from the provisions limiting the number of licenses an individual can possess in any one calendar year. That means, a person could purchase or win one of these Commissioner Complimentary Licenses, get drawn for a license in the drawing and keep both licenses!

The successful bidder is GUARENTEED the right to purchase a 2011 Wyoming big game hunting license and can use it for ELK or DEER or ANTELOPE provided they specify their selection at the time of license purchase. As you know, normal Wyoming big game hunting licenses are sold on a lottery draw system that is already closed for nonresidents. This guaranteed license avoids the application lottery system and guarantees the right to purchase a license.

Our bank account is running a little low these days and this has the potential making a huge difference. Please visit our listing entitled “Wyoming Game & Fish Dept. 2011 Commissioner License ” on e-bay. Please forward this e-mail to anyone you feel might be interested in bidding on this license.”

Congratulations and good luck to LBHTU!

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