AIS Legislation – We Need Your Help This Morning!

Want to make a big difference this morning to help coldwater fisheries in Wyoming? This is your chance.

Senate File 71 is a bill currently in front of the Wyoming State Senate that could help Wyoming have a better line of defense against aquatic invasive species. Wyoming Trout Unlimited supports this legislation and could use your help in writing emails to your legislators today in support of SF 71. This legislation essentially adds money to the current Game and Fish budget to keep AIS out of Wyoming and moves check stations from a launch point inspection system to a port of entry inspection system. We believe that is is a sound approach in the long run and one that will help Wyoming’s waters stay clean, beautiful, and healthy coldwater fisheries.

Unfortunately there isn’t much time. This bill is likely to go to the floor for a vote sometime today. If you could please let your Senators know today via email that you support this legislation it could help tip the balance in favor this important program.

The bill and it’s fiscal bottom line can be found here:
(the bill)
(fiscal note)

Writing an email to your Wyoming State Senators and positively urging them to support this bill can help Wyoming have the resources it deserves to keep these invasives out of Wyoming!

You can find a list of your senators here.

The Denver Post also ran a story on the bill that has some more useful information.

The effects of invasives such as zebra and quagga mussels are devastating to fisheries as well as agricultural irrigation. G&F has done a great job thus far and will require more funding to keep Wyoming’s waters healthy!

We’d appreciate the help.

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