SF 71 – Update!

Thanks to your help and the foresight of Wyoming’s senators SF 71 has made it through the first reading on the Senate floor! However, there is more we can do. It is likely that the bill will head back to the floor for the 2nd reading on Monday and it is important to keep this legislation moving forward as currently amended with the money and staff dedicated to keeping Wyoming free of aquatic invasive species. The bill simply cannot be implemented without those resources and we want to make sure they don’t get amended out during the second reading. If you live in Wyoming you can help keep our waters clean by again contacting your senators and positively supporting this bill as currently amended! You can also pass this information along to all parties you think might be interested in helping move this forward by contacting their senator.

Important points that we believe might help move this bill forward:
*This bill is about keeping Wyoming free of aquatic invasive species for all surface water users ranging from industry to recreationists to municipalities.
*Support for the bill as currently amended with staff and money allocated to help give Wyoming the best level of defense. The investment we need to make now in giving Wyoming the best line of defense against these invaders is money well spent, and is much less than the exponentially greater amount have we’d have to spend if they get in.

Please consider again contacting Wyoming’s senators today in anticipation of the upcoming vote. With your help as Wyoming voters and constituents we can ensure that Wyoming’s has the best level of defense against this threat to our waters!

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