Green With Envy Tour – Jackson Kickoff

Trout Unlimited is gearing up for a 12-stop roadshow to premiere its film “Green with Envy” and kicking it off Tuesday, March 13 in Jackson!

The film highlights the incredible Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Green River fisheries and the potential devastating effects of the proposed Million Pipeline. Under the proposal, 81 billion gallons of water would be diverted annually from the Reservoir and the Green River causing a potential domino effect of negative impacts to local fisheries and economies.

Imagine the world-renowned section below the dam whose emerald waters produce an epic experience hobbled by low and inconsistent flows. Or the trophy-class populations of kokanee salmon, lake and rainbow trout produced in the reservoir potentially trashed by dramatically lower water levels.

And for what? Simply to pipe water 560 miles to the Front Range of Colorado, likely requiring hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to build and operate.

Seem like a bad idea? That’s exactly what we thought.

Join us for a showing of “Green with Envy,” and help stop this reckless proposal that could ruin of a world-class fishery and at best be a costly boondoggle.

Tuesday, March 13, 6 p.m.
Jackson, Wyoming
Wort Hotel
50 North Glenwood St.

Free admission, refreshments and giveaways including a chance to win a guided trip down the Green River.

We hope to see you there!

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