Bringing in the New Year with the Winter Issue of the Trout Tale

Check out the Winter 2013/2014 issue of the Trout Tale here now! In addition to reading it in online magazine format you can download .pdf versions of the Trout Tale below. We’ve got so much fisheries conservation news from Wyoming that we’ve again had to split the Trout Tale into two files if you prefer to read the .pdf!

WYTU Winter 2014 Newsletter_Part1

WYTU Winter 2014 Newsletter_Part2

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2 Responses to Bringing in the New Year with the Winter Issue of the Trout Tale

  1. Curt Cooley says:

    I really like this publication and I am just wondering if there is a printed form for this or is it digital? If there is a printed form can I subscribe to it and with who?

    Thank You

  2. WYTU says:


    We’re really glad you like it! Currently we’ve only got an electronic version available due to printing costs with all the color images and picture heavy text. We release the newsletters quarterly about every three months, so the next one should be released around March 1. Let us know if you have any more questions!

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