Wyoming Chapters

Casper/Grey Reef (Casper)
President: G. Scott Novotny, ph: 307-315-3534 email: gscottn@gmail.com
First Wednesday of each month, 7pm, Adbay Corp Office – 627 West Yellowstone Hiway

Curt Gowdy (Cheyenne)
President: Shawn Blajszczak, ph: 307-247-0246 email: tu.curtgowdy@gmail.com              Contact Shawn for any questions about the chapter and meeting times and dates

East Yellowstone (Cody)
President: Tom Reed, ph: 717-432-7222 email: tomreed1458@gmail.com
Second Thursday of each month, 6pm, Sunset House Restaurant

Seedskadee (Rock Springs/Green River)
President: Sadie St. Clair, ph: 406-425-1338 email: sadie_st.clair@yahoo.com
Second Tuesday of each month

Jackson Hole
President: Tote Turner, ph: 307-690-9452 email: toteturner@gmail.com
Quarterly membership meetings. Contact Tote for details.

Laramie Valley (Laramie)
President: Peter Laegreid, ph: 402-984-4170 email: laramievalleytu@gmail.com                    Contact Peter for any questions about the chapter and meeting times and dates

Little Big Horn (Sheridan) President: John Madia, ph: 303-463-5523 email: jmadia@q.com                                                                                                                             Contact John for any questions about the chapter and meeting times and dates

Platte Valley (Saratoga)
Contact: Tony Seahorn, ph: 970-391-4687 email: tseahorn@att.net
Contact Tony for any questions about the chapter

Popo Agie Anglers (Lander)
Contact: Dave Petersen, ph: 307-330-6734 email: dpeterse@wyoming.com
Contact Dave about the chapter and meeting times and dates

Star Valley (Lincoln County)  President:  Grant McKeown, ph: 801-859-4800       email: kgrantmckeown@gmail.com                                                                                                   Contact Grant about the chapter and meeting times and dates

Upper Green River (Pinedale)
Contact: Jocelyn Moore, ph: 307-231-2422 email: damselfly@wyoming.com
Contact Jocelyn about the chapter and meeting times and dates.

Upper Bear River (Evanston)
President: Jim Hissong, ph: 307-780-6670 email: wyohiss@gmail.com
Second Wednesday of each month, 7pm, Legal Tender

4 Responses to Wyoming Chapters

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Fellow trout fisherman,

    I have the opportunity to fly into Cheyenne for a week. Can anyone give me information where I can do some trout fishing? My plan is to rent a car and travel with-in 200 miles of Cheyenne. I would like to fly fish and would also like to have a guide for at least one day. I’m not interested in float boat.

    Thank you.
    Bob Becker Roswell, GA

  2. WYTU says:


    The whole state has great fishing opportunities and could offer myriad fishing destinations but to start we’d recommend you call fly shops in the Cody, Casper, Saratoga, Dubois, Pinedale, or Jackson areas. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, but all on that list have well established laurels as prime fishing locations to begin an adventure from.

  3. Bruce Parker says:

    I was looking up information on the Greenback Cutthroat which now exists in 1% of it’s original range. I was surprised to learn part of that range extended into to southeast Wyoming (Crow Creek drainage?). Has TUWyoming ever looked into the possibility of approaching WG&FD about the possibility of reintroduction? I’m sure it might be complicated and expensive but it might be possible.

  4. WYTU says:

    Hi Bruce – I am not aware of any effort with the WG&F to reintroduce the Greenback to Wyoming. And WYTU hasn’t been engaged in a discussion with the G&F to do so. I do know that this effort has been greatly worked on in Colorado.

    Calvin Hazlewood
    WYTU Council Coordinator

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