Wyoming Council of Trout Unlimited

The Wyoming Council of Trout Unlimited is a group of committed volunteers from throughout the state that work to enhance coldwater fisheries in Wyoming.  Volunteers consist of two representatives from each chapter, the past council chairperson, and the current officers.

To reach the Wyoming Council of Trout Unlimited:
Calvin Hazlewood – WYTU Council Coordinator
520 Wilkes Drive, Suite 4B Green River, WY  82935
307-321-1476 or chazlewood@tu.org

Wyoming Council

Interim Chair: Cole Sherard – slawdy@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Jim Hissong – wyohiss@gmail.com
NLC Representative: Werner Studer – wgstuder@yahoo.com
Board Member: Rick Slagowski – rski5x@gmail.com
Board Member: Werner Studer – wgstuder@yahoo.com
Board Member: Dave Sweet – davidps992@gmail.com
Past Chair: Calvin Hazlewood – chazlewood@tu.org

Chapter Representatives:
In addition, each chapter elects two representatives to serve on the Council and attend meetings.

Conservation Committee

Kathy Buchner, Chair

Women’s Chair
Hillary Walrath – hwalrath@tu.org

2 Responses to Wyoming Council of Trout Unlimited

  1. Tom Fuller says:

    Is the Curt Gowdy Chapter active? I couldn’t find anything posted later than 2014?

  2. WYTU says:

    Hi Tom – Sorry for the delay in repsonding. The Curt Gowdy chapter is active, and they have a FaceBook page that updates their activities. The current chapter president is Shawn Blajszczak and you can reach him at stblaze85@gmail.com.

    Calvin Hazlewood

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