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HERE ARE OUR NEW BUCKING FISH HATS!!!  AND THEY ARE NOW ALL BACK IN STOCK!!  If you would like to order one, you can pay here.  Please also send an email to Calvin Hazlewood @ chazlewood@tu.org and tell me what hat number(s) you would like, I still am not an expert at this website PayPal stuff and need to figure out how you can add comments!    They are $20 each, plus $5 for shipping.  Thanks so much for helping support WYTU and wear your new hat with pride!

WYTU Sticker

Our new WYTU Bucking Fish Sticker would look great on the back window of your truck, cooler, or anywhere else your sticker collection resides!!  $5.00, includes shipping.

8 Responses to WYTU Store

  1. Kirk Nichols 801 599 1046 says:

    Hi folks, I am writing back from a few weeks ago. Might you still have a few of the blue bucking trout hats around? I lost mine and was very attached. I have the brown, but would like to replace the blue hat with a blue hat.

  2. Rob says:

    Are the hats still available?

  3. WYTU says:

    Hi Rob – Yes, we do still have hats available.

    Calvin Hazlewood
    WYTU Council Coordinator

  4. WYTU says:

    Hi Kirk – Sorry for the very late reply, no good excuse. The answer to your question is yes, we do have a few of the blue hats left. Let me know if you still would like one, and if so, just purchase a hat through the store and shoot me an email saying you want a blue hat.


  5. Gary Noe says:

    Please consider selling Bucking Trout decals for back windows of pickups etc. It would be great advertising and complement all the Bucking Horse ones out there.

  6. WYTU says:

    Hi Gary – We are working on getting some bucking fish stickers added to the website soon! Thanks for checking in.


  7. Bill S. says:

    After 4 years I finally lost my WTU drink coozie, do you still have them? Plan on getting more?

    Also do you ship to APO AE addresses?

    – Bill

  8. WYTU says:

    Hi Bill – Good to hear that you got good use out of the coozie. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more of those to sell, but I dug around and found one. If you send me your address to my email, I’ll get it sent to you.

    Calvin Hazlewood

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