The Hat.

The Popo Agie Anglers, Lander Wyoming’s TU Chapter, sure love tradition. For example, every year they auction off a pie at their annual fundraiser, lovingly baked in years past by Helen Sebade, and currently made by Wyoming Game and Fish Lander Region Fisheries Supervisor Kevin Johnson. One year the pie sold for over $300 during a live auction. The event where this all takes place includes a typical fundraising mix of good food, raffles, local people, good cheer, and auctions and the Anglers have been holding it for the last twenty one years to benefit local coldwater fisheries conservation. Amongst all the Popo Agie Anglers traditions there is none as legendary as the hat.

Lander Local Paul Thompson sports the infamous Bill Crump warden hat after winning it in this year's live auction. (Photo - Brad Christensen)

The hat was the idea of former Lander game warden Bill Crump. In the late 80’s Crump decided to donate a warden Stetson full of flies to the PPA for auction. The lucky winner of the hat would be able to fish with flies from the hat for one year before returning it to be raffled off again. In addition, winners of the hat were encouraged to add a fly or two during their tenure as the keeper of the coveted Popo Agie Anglers icon. Over two decades later the hat is still going strong. In recent years, despite fierce bidding competition, TU member Paul Thompson has dominated the hat auction.

This last Saturday was no different. Fremont County can only wish Paul good luck again fishing with the hat for the coming year!

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