Public Lands – Keep Them Public


Some Wyoming Legislators are pushing for state ownership of our public lands. While this sounds ok, it’s not a good thing if you hunt and fish on these lands. As a sportsmen I think this effort is a waste of time and money, and will negatively affect our sporting heritage throughout the state. Wyoming doesn’t have the resources or staff to adequately manage public lands and cover the costs of fighting fires, maintaining roads and facilities, protecting and restoring game habitat and many other responsibilities now managed by the U.S. Forest Service and BLM. The likely result would be a sell off of some the lands we hunt and fish, and lack of access to other public lands. Over the years Wyoming has sold off over 700,000 acres of it’s own state land – which means lost access and opportunities to hunters, anglers, and their children. We don’t want to see this happen.

Federal public lands are a driving force in Wyoming’s second largest economic sector, tourism. Many of us live in WY for the opportunities to work, hunt, fish, and recreate on public land. Let’s keep it that way.

Please take a few minutes to tell Wyoming lawmakers you oppose this bill. Instead, we should use state resources to work collaboratively and find management solutions that benefit Wyoming while still protecting the places we hunt and fish.

The bill can read at:

Please email your legislators.


Cole Sherard
Vice-Chair, Wyoming Trout Unlimited

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