About Us

Wyoming Trout Unlimited is a 501(c)(3) organization that operating under the umbrella of the national organization of Trout Unlimited, whose focus is to conserve coldwater fisheries throughout the continent. National Trout Unlimited has over 100 employees and 1000’s of members committed to its mission.  Representatives of TU are often asked to speak at scientific forums and testify at legislative hearings.  The on the ground projects that TU has accomplished across the continent have made a significant impact to improving habitat for coldwater fish and getting new members involved in the efforts. In Wyoming, our list of accomplishments contributes to what is happening on a national scale and are carried out by a vast network of volunteers, staff and partners.

Wyoming Council

Wyoming Trout Unlimited is directed by a volunteer council comprised of representatives from grassroots chapters from throughout the state. The council works closely with national staff and volunteers to provide strategic direction, administration, and support to Wyoming Trout Unlimited’s members.

Wyoming Chapters

There are 12 Wyoming Trout Unlimited chapters that act as local ambassadors for coldwater fisheries conservation.  Grassroots volunteers are the eyes, ears and muscles of Trout Unlimited.  These grassroots volunteers bring an amazing amount of scientific knowledge, legal expertise, community outreach skills, and of course they know how to catch fish!  Wyoming chapters are always looking for new members or volunteers to help with their programs and projects.

Wyoming-Based TU National Staff

Trout Unlimited’s grassroots leaders are complimented by several Trout Unlimited national staff that are committed to the coldwater conservation issues specifically facing Wyoming and the surrounding western states.  Protecting public lands, ensuring quality habitat for fish, implementing public policy, and galvanizing grassroots support are just a few of the tasks they undertake.



Community collaboration is essential to the long-term success of any project or program. Wyoming Trout Unlimited could not accomplish its work as successfully without the support from the community and agency partners it works closely with.  Each of our partners has dedicated time, energy, or resources to help coldwater fisheries in Wyoming and we thank them for their assistance and support.


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